The solutions for the regulation of natural light are innumerable: blackout curtains, filters, mosquito nets, transparent, manual and motorized mechanisms.
The universe of solar shielding that sees fabrics of various kinds as protagonists from both technical-functional and formal point of view. And, thanks to the plastic effect that characterizes them, they are an important factor in the same design and decoration of the exterior. In short, a component that enriches the composition of the volumes and the “game” chiaroscurale that dialogues with other objects that will connotate the interior space. A solution to reduce energy consumption, ADARTE offers the possibility to integrate VYSTA windows with CRYSTAL curtains.

Among the solar shields are the sun screens SPATYO, swivel structures composed of aluminium slats that have the function of protecting the interior from the sun without depriving it of air and light. This shielding has an accentuated aesthetic component and integrates perfectly with all architectures, enhancing the facades so as to become the distinctive element. The sun screens can be fixed or mobile; the mobile ones are more versatile, because they allow to adjust the brightness of the rooms according to the sun, thanks to the adjustable slats.