A901 BIO


The canopies meet any need and thanks to their modularity can cover large spaces. The properties of the materials and the technical devices used to guarantee reliability and quality to the product.

The aluminum canopy can be totally realized according to the customer’s needs: it is made with extruded aluminum profiles and it is self-supporting, it does not need any ground connections to be installed.

Different models and sizes available, no limit of realization in width.
A901 BIOCLIMATICA adjustable louvers canopy
A903 ARLEQUIN sliding panel canopy
A905 STABYLA roof with insulating thermal panels

The canopy is essential all year round, preserving windows and entrance doors. The utility of the canopy for outdoor in all weather conditions: provides optimal protection from rain, protects from hail and shields from the rays of the sun. ADARTE canopies, in three different configurations, meet every need and can be customized with the integration of LED, spot or strip lighting systems. The movement can be manual (with winch or maneuver rod) or motorized (via remote control).

The canopies provide a fully integrated rainwater discharge system (free-fall) or with a square or round rain, leaning against the wall.