vetrate panoramiche



The packable glass panel, made of tempered transparent glass, is made without perimeter profiles in order to make the visual surface unique and generate new spaces without breaking the aesthetic between interior and exterior.

The main characteristics are: thermal insulation and therefore reduction of heating costs, acoustic abatement and wind resistance.

The book wrapping allows the grouping of the panels maintaining the constant distance between them.

  • Upper and lower track
  • Panel width: 600-800 mm
  • Maximum height of panels: 3000 mm
  • Transparent tempered glass: sp. 10 mm
  • Internal opening with knob
  • Intermediate seal between the glasses
  • Pre-assembled system
  • Integration of VYSTA-I glazing with CRYSTALLO curtains


As far as product measurements are concerned, VISTA-I reaches a maximum height of 3 m and 80 cm wide. The glasses used, this serious allows to incorporate toughened glasses of 10 mm thickness (1). The recess for opening the panels is fully integrated into the system and eliminates obstacles (2). In addition, the system has caps that improve the watertight seal of the window. Finally, if necessary, the VYSTA-I includes the possibility to use a compensation profile in the installation with a maximum of 25 mm adjustment (3).


The versatility of the panoramic glass windows is demonstrated by its installation possibilities. They have a high degree of adaptability to any type of structure. For this reason, the Standard series can be incorporated in any type of door or window project, both for a type of structure with the shape of L, circular or with other polygonal figures..

Opening from a side

Opening from two sides

Opening on one side with multiple sections

Opening on one side with multiple sections

Opening with multiple angles

Opening with angles greater than 180°