The success of ADARTE, one of the most active companies producing modern outdoor structures, is the result of the commitment and dedication of each component because it is thanks to the passion that the most innovative ideas are born and it is thanks to flexibility and value of each of us that these can be accomplished. Solid and robust foundations for a company that employs brilliant collaborators who over time have contributed to forging an autonomous and independent reality.
Over the years, technological innovation and attention to detail make it one of the best known companies in Italy, known above all for its clean Italian style design suitable for all architectures. Passion turns into the best solution for Outdoor Living.



Investing on people to become active cells of change and transformation, to impact on business results in a concrete way and to clearly structure production processes. In recent years the company has been investing in the development of creative thinking as a key skill to be acquired in order to respond to the processes of change, which are ever more timely and different than in the past.
Today ADARTE looks in an important way to both the Italian and international markets where it can assert its production capacity, product quality and made in Italy.
ADARTE also specializes in the HOME EXTENSION sector, with a product that favors quality, safety and comfort alongside the production of thermal break spaces and becoming the only reliable interlocutor regarding the aluminum house extension.


Quality is a competitive and strategic factor on which ADARTE necessarily leverages to stay on the market, to be competitive and to stand out from the competition. The company stands out among the most prestigious outdoor brands in Italy, with various certifications and certificates. It has become part of a large network of Italian and European partners by making available its production capacity and its know-how as an international company.
As a manufacturer of solar systems and shields, it offers a product in step with the times and with the market needs made with innovative technologies and thanks to the help of continuously trained human resources in order to maintain high quality standards both in terms of product and service. The real competitive advantage of the outdoor world is the high quality, fast delivery times and qualified personnel.


Excellence is what is out of the ordinary in that it has additional characteristics and exceeds the norm.
FIRST MANUFACTURERS to have brought the bioclimatic pergola to Italy, the product that has revolutionized the outdoor market.
UNIQUE DEALERS of the Solisysteme brand in Italy (holder of the patent for bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats).
QUALIFIED PARTNER NETWORK to give an excellent product.


If every age expresses a life project, each project corresponds to a housing solution, spaces must be radically rethought. We put all our experience into transforming spaces into places. We design and build exclusive spaces for homes and hospitality businesses.
We work with you, to make your outdoor space what you want, first in our design studios then in your everyday reality.

An idea of ​​living space that renews itself with more strength and endurance. From the encounter between technology and design, pure lines and minimal style for a new idea of ​​modernity. A choice that combines rigor and originality, future and present, refinement and simplicity. Essentiality and comfort to characterize all styles.

Garden pergolas, aluminum pergolas stand out among the most requested products of the outdoor living market.




Flexibility, freedom, absence of barriers and functionality. The house becomes an open space to live. Customizable and modular. Clean lines and emptied volumes. The house must be welcoming, comfortable and intimate. A space in which there is only the essential, where the superfluous disappears. The barriers are eliminated, to allow contamination of the environments: living area, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, gym and living lounge constitute a continuum, where you can live sensory experiences and unique emotions.