If there is no municipal regulation, it is necessary to comply with what has been decided by case law or you can proceed according to the instructions of the Free Building when gazebos and pergolas are made of light materials, are not firmly fixed to the ground and easily removable.
This includes bioclimatic pergolas with an adjustable roof because it is an open structure designed to create a shaded area. It is the customer's obligation to always carry out the appropriate checks at the Public Administration (municipal offices, etc ...) also based on the type of product and installation, as well as the verification of any rights of third parties (neighbors, condominiums, etc ...) and all the relevant rules.
The indications of the Free Building in this regard contain an interesting glossary from which it is possible to draw some important information: "structures of limited size and not permanently fixed to the ground"; "Light furniture cover"; "Easy disassembly procedure".
The bioclimatic pergola is officially a solar shading made to adorn and shade, but not to create new sheltered cubature.
As for the pergolas of the residences, they must be relevant to the dwellings and respect a parameter in % of the maximum area of ​​the residence, such as to demonstrate an evident strict relevance to the same and in any case not exceed a fixed maximum size.
As far as installations are concerned, pergolas must have light and easily removable structures (our structures are fixed to the ground with simple plates).
The pergola can be considered a "precarious work": it does not have characteristics such as to constitute a significant building organism, involving transformation of the territory, but guarantees merely temporary needs "even if it is permanently placed".

All products are customizable and tailored to meet customer needs.
The price varies according to the solution chosen and to variables such as type, finish of the structure, dimensions and accessories.
The uniqueness and high quality of our products does not affect the cost, remaining in line with market prices.
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Our products have a warranty of up to 5 years.
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Buying a pergola means saving space, a real extension of your home.
A new space can be used for the kitchenette, creating a pleasant and suggestive area.
The relaxation area by the pool or an island of shade in the garden can become places to live and share all year round in the welcoming atmosphere of your home.
The extreme flexibility of ADARTE products allows for various compositions and scenarios: a bioclimatic pergola transforms a terrace or balcony into an incomparable panoramic loft.
Even the choice of outdoor furniture helps you to renew your habitat and create a perfect atmosphere suitable for all architectures.